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Stay beautiful and healthy with Kiwi Spa

Stay beautiful and healthy with Kiwi Spa

😊Everyone wants flawless skin, but then you have to work a little to achieve that.  It’s not possible to have perfect skin without making any effort.

Regular facials and all-natural skincare will improve your skin dramatically!

But it’s not enough 🫶

Here are 6 reasons that prevent you from seeing results 👇🏻

☑️You are not using the right products:  We all have different skin types and textures. Ask your esthetician to pick it for your skin type.

☑️Changing your skincare routine too much: Yes, if you are constantly experimenting with tons of products in and out, it can affect your skin.

☑️Not eating well? If you have been skipping vegetables and fruits and not drinking enough water, then it’s easy to guess why your skin is behaving badly.

☑️Bacteria! If you are applying creams with your hands without washing them on a face packed with dust, then girl, you are collecting bacteria on your face!

☑️Hormonal changes: Those days of the month when you want to spend your days with just a bottle of Nutella. When you are in this week or if your dates are near, there are chances that your skincare routine might be ditching you.

☑️Weather can change your skin type:  During winter, my oily skin tends to become combined. When the weather changes, you have to make changes in your skincare routine too.

Stay beautiful and healthy with Kiwi Spa🥝