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ULTIMATE Starter KIT With Luna

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Hello my name is Luna. I’m your personal online cosmetologist.

Thank you so much for trying our custom signature “ULTIMATE Starter KIT”.
Please help me to customize your facial by answering the questions above.
This is my personal email Please contact me any time with any questions. I am always here for you.
Please follow this link to watch full video tutorial:

About Me:

I believe my journey started when I was 9 years old. I used to go around the dinner table giving people my best back and neck massages, when we had dinner guest over. From that age on, I was told that I had healing hands, and that it was a gift I shouldn’t waste. In later years like most teens I struggled with skin problems including skin discoloration and became very interested in skin care. I’ve always loved to see the transformations of Before and After pictures, and believed that I could do the same for myself.

After being an esthetician for some time, and watching my skin not only change, but maintain a radiant Glow, my passion kept growing. My Love for people and the desire to help others achieve their Own skin care goals became my New Passion! I then decided to extend my education and advance my diploma to Master Esthetician. With training in the latest technology and Clinical procedures and a understanding of advanced cutting edge ingredients in skincare, I believe that my journey lead me here.

I’m so excited to work here at Kiwi Spa with Maya! Never have I seen a Spa or Clinic combine such amazing treatments and quality products for her prices! To have the Medical technology, the Orangic products, and the relaxation of a facial all in One! This is my calling in life, to Serve you! The opportunity to help everyone achieve maximum results at affordable costs. Let me help you get that Glow you always wanted. I Can’t wait to meet you!

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