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Skin Transformation Powerful Trio (1.5oz)

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Try this potent combination of our 3 most powerful products that will totally transform your skin.

⁃ Vitamin A elixir

⁃ Aqua Glow Booster

⁃ AHA skin perfecting serum

By using Vitamin A elixir at night you are creating new skin layers.

By using Aqua Glow Booster (plant driven hyaluronic acid) in the morning you will replenish moisture for your new skin.

By using AHA Skin Perfecting Serum 3 times a week (preferably at night) you will:

* Refine skin texture and tone

* Reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and sun damage

* Uneven complexion appears lighter and more even

* Helps to unclog pores and treat acne

* Delivers antibacterial properties

* Rich with mandelic acid, lactic acid and natural potent ingredients. All these potent acids will provide a high performing lightening & brightening skin transformation.

We recommend combining these 3 potent products with microneedling using our professional


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