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Derma - Roller 0.5 MM

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Derma Roller is great for skin resurfacing, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, and diminishing pores. Also microneedling your skin will create production of your own stem cells. This is a unique function of our body to produce a large amount of our own stem cells in order to heal any damaged tissue. Applying a nano serum right after micro needling will create a “magnet effect”. Nano molecules with the serum will connect with your own stem cells and provide long lasting bio revitalization of your skin. This is a very effective way to keep your skin young and firm and allow for products to penetrate deeper. Also, please do not be afraid of microneedling your skin: please remember that you are always in control of your own pressure. Recommended nano serums: AHA skin perfecting serum Aqua Glow Booster Vitamin A elixir

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