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Derma Roller 0.25mm

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Micro-needling Boosts Collagen Production,Increases Product Absorption up to 90%. The needles penetrate into your skin, creates tiny channels in the skin so that the active ingredients in our serums can most effectively penetrate the skin. When the derma roller is rolled over the skin, the small, fine needles on the roller puncture the skin. The holes that the needles create are tiny and considered to be superficial. For this reason, the treatment is not seen as invasive. When the skin is punctured, it creates a contIt does not cause actual damage to the outer layer of skin. The needles help to break down any scar tissue.
  • PROFESSIONAL SKIN CARE Idea to stimulate collagen production and to increase the absorption of skin-care products. It can reduce your deep wrinkles, fine lines, stretchmarks, acne scars and aging. It will help improve skin texture, achieving a brighter,firmer skin.
  • SAFE TO USE Featuring 0.25mm Titanium Seamless Microneedles, FDA-approved. Seamless roller can be thoroughly disinfected without the remained bacterium. 0.25mm needles are not supposed to hurt.
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