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Cascade DIY Peel With Sophia

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Hello my name is Sophia. I’m your personal online cosmetologist.

Thank you so much for trying our custom signature Cascade Triple Level Peel.
Please help me to customize your facial by answering the questions above.
This is my personal email Please contact me any time with any questions. I am always here for you.
Please follow this link to watch full video tutorial:

About Me:

My love for beauty started when I was very young, I specifically remember the first time my mom let me wear make up. I sat in the mirror for way too long and didn’t stop until I had what I thought was the perfect “smokey eye” at the age of 10.
Growing into my younger teenage years I began to suffer from breakouts, I started to realize that I needed to take care of my skin because washing my face with some drugstore cleanser wasn’t going to cut it. From there, I read every article I could find that dealt with the correct ingredients to use and what ingredients to stay away from. I watched YouTube videos of estheticians and dermatologists recommending skin care, which is how I began making my own skin care products. I bought different ingredients from my home research and made all kinds of things from sugar body scrubs, to hydrating serums and I fell in love! I began to have drawers full of all types of cleansers, toners, serums, and masks for all different skin types. Before you know it, friends and family were coming over so I could provide all sorts of treatments, whether it was my friends acne-prone skin, or my grandma’s mature skin. Seeing them all fall in love with the skin they’re in brought me so much joy, I knew that helping others along their skin care journey was exactly what I wanted to do.

Ever since I made that decision, I have not stopped applying myself to continue to learn and expand my knowledge. After graduating from esthetics school and obtaining my license, I worked at different spas, but never really found the environment I envisioned, until Kiwi Spa! Meeting and working with clients at Kiwi Spa is everything I could ever dream of. I have always leaned towards the natural side of skin care, and Kiwi Spa provides just that! Performing services with amazing products and top tier equipment providing impeccable results, as well as working with amazing estheticians channeling bright energy with one another is a blessing. I’m looking forward to meeting you and assisting you in all of your skin care needs, you are born to glow!
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