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Cascade DIY Peel With Natasha

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Hello my name is Natasha. I’m your personal online cosmetologist.

Thank you so much for trying our custom signature Cascade Triple Level Peel.
Please help me to customize your facial by answering the questions above.
This is my personal email Please contact me any time with any questions. I am always here for you.
Please follow this link to watch full video tutorial:

About Me:

I would say my passion for everything beauty and skin started when I was very young. I remember, every morning and every evening I would watch my mom do her skin routine, wondering what all these liquids she would pat into her skin was. As someone from South Korea she takes her skincare very seriously, she never missed a day.
Around 12 years ago, starting in my teen years, I suffered from breakouts and as a woman of color I struggled with hyperpigmentation and discoloration which led to me completely immerse myself in the skincare world. I researched extensively on everything from different products including cleansers, serums, acids, to different skincare brands and lines, different ingredients, basically anything that would help me improve the texture and overall look of my skin. Ive read article after article and have watched probably every video on YouTube just absorbing as much information as possible. In this, I realized my passion was making people feel beautiful and confident in their skin! Knowing someone can be the most confident in themselves because of me brought me so much joy and instant satisfaction. Fast forward to present day: My path has led me to become an esthetician where I can do my best to apply my knowledge to make other people feel beautiful, confident, and empowered. Ive also decided to further expand my knowledge in skin and am currently studying to be an dermatologist, and I truly believe everyday is a learning experience. You can learn something new every day to improve yourself, whether it be external beauty, or beauty from within.
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