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Cascade DIY Peel With Maya

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Hello my name is Maya. I’m your personal online cosmetologist.

Thank you so much for trying our custom signature Cascade Triple Level Peel.
Please help me to customize your facial by answering the questions above.
This is my personal email Please contact me any time with any questions. I am always here for you.
Please follow this link to watch full video tutorial:

About Me:

Since I was a little girl back in the Ukraine, I learned skincare from my grandma. All the neighbors came to her to get beauty advice and a “magic youth elixir” which is what my grandma called all of her organic mixes.

I’ve leaned since childhood that there is no better way to have glowing healthy skin then to use organic, natural ingredients.

It has been my dream since then to help each person to have radiant healthy skin using only the best treasures of nature.

My life has taken me to 23 different countries where I have been practicing and improving my knowledge, learning more and more secrets and unique techniques of skincare.

Finally I moved to San Diego – my favorite city ever! I feel peace and harmony and enjoy the beauty of nature everywhere around me. I was inspired to create a very special place, a little oasis of natural facial treatments. Combining relaxing music, a calming atmosphere and the newest skincare technologies, Kiwi Spa will deliver the best ultimate results and impeccable customer service.

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