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21 Day Skin Transformation Kit

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Product Details

Thank you so much for trying our custom signature 21 Day Skin Transformation Kit.

If you are looking at yourself in the mirror and have a feeling that you want to change something about your skin – this will be the best way to do it!

It will bring new sensations, new energy & new life to your skin.

Put your skincare routine aside, and present yourself with amazing all natural vegan potent professional products that will transform your skin completely in just 21 days!

Restart your skin and enjoy a beautiful and healthy glow!

What exactly do I get?

This travel kit includes:

  1. All Natural Honey Oatmeal Cleanser or Bamboo Cleanser (Depending on your skin condition)
  2. All Natural Rose Toner or Cucumber Mint Toner (Depending on your skin condition)
  3. All Natural Juicy Kiwi Scrub
  4. All Natural Pumpkin Peel
  5. All Natural Age Reversing Nano Mask
  6. All Natural Healing Clay Mask
  7. All Natural AHA skin perfecting serum
  8. All Natural Kiwi Aqua Glow Booster
  9. All Natural Super Berry Cream
  10. All Natural Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50
21 Day Skin Transformation Kit gives you the opportunity to try all of our products at a fraction of the price of full-size bottles or jars.
Also, when all of the products are used together, it is a complete mini facial that you can easily do yourself at home in only 25 minutes.

Thank you so much for trying our custom signature 21 Day Skin Transformation Kit.
Please help us to customize your travel kit by answering the questions above.
This is our personal email Please contact us any time with any questions. We are always here for you.

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Our Philosophy

At Kiwi-Spa, we focus on each person’s individual skincare needs with 100% nutrient-rich, organic, hand-crafted skincare blends, free from environmental toxins, parabens, sulfates, pesticides, and carcinogens, just as nature intended.
We create a very special atmosphere for each customer, where body, mind, and spirit will reach ideal peace and harmony.

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