Rejuvenation of any skin type just in 4 weeks!
Published on March 6, 2020 by Kiwi-Spa

My name is Maya and I am an esthetician with 20 years of experience, founder of Kiwi-SPA Organic Facial Innovation.
Cosmetology is my passion!
Happiness for me is about making a difference in peoples lives. The creation of healthy glowing skin fulfills me and inspires me.  In doing my favorite thing, I have opened an inexhaustible source of joy, satisfaction and development for myself.
Today I want to share with you my research about skincare innovations in using Nano technology.

Three years ago I was looking for effective and high quality cosmetic products for Kiwi SPA.  I was introduced to Dermodality.  I purchased only 3 products for testing and one week later I was pleasantly surprised by the excellent results!  Over the 20 years of work as a cosmetologist, I have tried a lot of different skin care innovations and I know exactly what to expect from the active ingredients and how the skins texture should change under the influence of high quality cosmetics.  Curiosity made me buy a complete Dermodality line and start using the products in a specific way that is custom for my skin type. The three week results  exceeded all my expectations!
I was sold !!!
I realized that this is exactly the skincare line that I would like to recommend to my customers.

✅About Dermodality.
In the very beginning, Dermodality Laboratories created the first “Author’s” cream which was successfully sold to several beauty schools and tested by hundreds of students.  A “simple in design” small jar however, was quickly sold out which made it possible to allocate funds for new scientific developments, equipment and packaging.
As a result – Dermodality developed and created an innovative vegan molecular cosmetic line which is unique and safe for human skin without sulfates or parabens which guarantees high efficiency and is hypoallergenic.

Advantages of Dermodality cosmetics are a successful combination of science and concentrated natural ingredients, which with the help of nanotechnology, turn into unique healing elixirs that change the structure of the skin at the cellular level, contributing to its deep rejuvenation.
Each product in its own way is effective and very active. Nanotechnology allows micromolecules to penetrate very deeply into the dermis, quickly regenerating cells and replenishing collagen and elastin.

✅ Beauty recipe that fits to any skin type:

After attending many seminars and training at the Dermodality Academy and in talking with estheticians from different states plus testing all the products on myself and on my clients, I feel confident that I found the best option for everyday care where skin had changed in 4 weeks and everyone who followed my instruction had positive results.  (photos “before” and “after” are attached)

I suggest starting with two powerful complexes:

Hyaluronic Ester C  – every morning before moisturizer.

Revitalizing Booster Serum – every night before moisturizer.
If your skin is sensitive – every other night for the first month, and then every night.

Hyaluronic acid is an essential component of the human body.  Its main role is to regulate the water balance of tissues in the body and participate in the synthesis of collagen and elastin.
Dermodality Laboratory invented a unique Hyaluronic C Ester product using microparticles of hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, which helps retain moisture in the skin layers (one molecule of hyaluronic acid attracts about 700 water molecules) and also additionally stimulates the production of its own “hyaluronic acid”.
Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant and it blocks the action of free radicals that trigger the aging process, and also regulates and stimulates collagen synthesis.
As a result, the skin looks moisturized, supple and smooth without sagging and wrinkles.

The second unique complex is a super-concentrated serum consisting of nano-exosomes – Super Serum Booster.
Exosomes are nanomicroscopic molecules that provide a high level of growth factor which separate and correct conditional cell problems such as inflammation, pigmentation and dehydration, triggering the necessary response mechanism and also actively stimulating the growth of new cells thereby “changing old skin to new”.  Dermodality has developed the serum with the highest levels of active substances to maximize the ability of exosomes to have immediate and long-term results. The combination of 100 million exosomes with one of the most innovative serums in the beauty industry has transformed into a “Super Serum Booster” product for significant rejuvenation and skin regeneration.

By the way, the use of 0.25 mm derma roller helps quite a bit in regenerating the skin on our face. Microscopic needles open thousands of channels in the skin through which the active components penetrate faster and deeper.  Many people know that a Micro needling procedure is very effective, especially in combination with high quality serums.

You can buy Dermodality products online at ‪‬ or by visiting the Kiwi SPA in person. Please call ‪619-621-1177‬

The healthy skin and happy eyes of my clients are the highest ratings of my skin care methods using Dermodality cosmetics!

It is very pleasing that now cosmetology is at a level of development that can satisfy even the most demanding client. The horizons of research in the field of cosmetology are expanding every day.

Kiwi SPA is pleased to offer to our customers a large number of effective and popular procedures used in modern cosmetology to solve a wide variety of aesthetic problems and simply to maintain the beauty and healthy appearance of your skin.

We will be happy to help you with your choice of cosmetics or procedures and we are also always ready to answer any of your questions.

We wish you all beauty and harmony💐

Give the gift of beautiful skin!