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Spa Parties San Diego | Kiwi Spa - San Diego Skin Care
San Diego advanced natural skincare technologies combined with unique organic ingredients that will give your skin a natural and healthy glow. We optimize your emotional, physical and mental well being.
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Spa Parties San Diego

Spa Parties San Diego

Spa Parties San Diego

Kiwi Spa is an ideal place for spa parties and unique events. We offer a quiet and peaceful space in a beautiful private setting which makes all our visitors feel totally spoiled.  Our spa parties are the best way to celebrate birthdays, pre-wedding parties, baby showers,  mother’s day events, single woman parties, girls night out, or any special event that you desire.

Kiwi Spa offers various spa packages and bundles structured solely for gatherings of at least four. 

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Spa Parties/Corporate Events that Kiwi Spa Offers: 

  • -Customized packages to fit an extensive variety of occasions 
  • -Bundles for gatherings of at least four
  • -Friendly, inviting staff

If you are searching for an incredible space to host a special occasion or just a fun night out, look no further than Kiwi Spa….. your ideal place!  For more information about spa parties, contact us today!

spa parties san diego