Manual Extractions
Published on November 19, 2019 by Kiwi-Spa

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Suffering from congested, acne prone skin? Kiwi Spa offers services to help anyone at any age dealing with acne and aids in purifying the skin to clear from any congestion. Anyone who has experienced acne knows your skin won’t remove the bacteria and infection after just one treatment. Although here at Kiwi Spa San Diego we can for sure accelerate the process! Kiwi Spa offers very detailed and deep extractions from your pores and any congestion underneath the skin. With the way Kiwi Spa performs extractions and purifying the pores, we have to make sure your skin is fully prepared. In order to make sure your skin and pores are softened and ready for proper extractions, we double cleanse the skin under double steam, followed by a pineapple papaya enzyme sitting under the steam to further soften the skin. Then we are using special exfoliating couples, to open the pores and push congestions to the surface. Extractions are the use of manual pressure on the skin around the area of congestion to remove any dirt, bacteria,  or infection underneath the skin. Extractions can be uncomfortable, but removing any infection from the skin manually is the fastest way to achieve clear skin and results, making it definitely worth “the squeeze”. After receiving a service with several deep manual extractions, it is very common to have marks as well as scabs for a few days after the treatment. Once they have healed without getting altered by picking or scratching, your skin will be dramatically clear and bumps with signs of congestion will no longer be visible. Acne can be a tough one to beat by yourself, and just one visit to the dermatologist can be super expensive and rarely affective. Kiwi Spa San Diego has totally different approach and we are here to help you on your clear skin adventure!

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