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What is Jet Peel?

What is Jet Peel?

❗️❓What is Jet Peel?

A breakthrough touch free, needle free transdermal infusion technology from Israel. Jet Peel is a noninvasive, multi-step skin infusion system that delivers immediately visible results without downtime or skin irritation.


Jet Peel is noninvasive, painless and a 100% natural treatment that dramatically improves the texture, tone and color of your skin. Jet Peel exfoliates the skin by removing dead layers of cells through a moisturizing jet stream and oxygen infusion.


This will exfoliate, oxygenate, hydrate and micro-circulate all in one session. Oxygen serums and solutions penetrate deep into the dermis without needles. Jet Peel is also very effective in treating acne, loose skin, blackhead removal, enlarged pores, scars, skin discoloration and multiple signs of aging plus assists in the regrowth of hair. A deep lymph drainage massage is included in each treatment.


❓What does Jet Peel treatment do?

– Provides needleless mesotherapy
– Oxygenates the skin and stimulates collagen production
– Improves texture of the skin
– Reduces pore size and blemishes
– Removes the dead layers of skin cells
– Treats acne
– Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
– Eliminates dark spots
– Provides tightening and lifting on loose skin
– Treats rosacea and melasma
– Assists to help eliminate scars
– Reduces stretch marks
– Hydrates the skin
– Under eye “de-puffing” & brightening
– Eliminates upper lip wrinkles
– Increases the effectiveness of cosmetic products
– Assists with hair regrowth



❗️Benefits of Jet Peel:

🌱100% natural treatment
🌱Ideal for various skin types
🌱Superficial facial peeling
🌱No down time, no side effects
 🌱Instant visible result
🌱Each session includes deep lymph drainage massage to detoxify the skin
🌱Glowing, bright skin