Jet Peel Results
Published on March 14, 2019 by Kiwi-Spa

✅ In today’s world, more and more women and men are choosing skin rejuvenation using natural ingredients that are free from synthetic preservatives. Kiwi Spa technologies are based on the introduction of highly effective natural ingredients which penetrate deep into the layers of the skin, stimulating the growth of new cells and gently removing the upper keratinous layers. Thus, the skin is constantly stimulated for renewal and rejuvenation.

Jet Peel is a unique technology that allows us to inject serum or hyaluronic acid into the dermis. It is absolutely painlessly and most importantly, can be done anywhere on the body (this is not a peel).

Jet Peel technology has a lot of advantages, one of which is the restoration of hair growth. In one of the photos you can see the results obtained after just ten hair follicle healing procedures (one procedure per week). In another photo, you see a woman who had six Jet Peel facial treatments and also purchased a complete line of Kiwi Spa natural cosmetics created with nanotechnology.

Hair Restoration in San Diego anti aging facial treatment

Dear Ladies! We invite you to Kiwi Spa! Our qualified specialists will provide you with a competent detailed consultation. We will help you to select an individual line of cosmetics plus, make your skin healthy and radiant !

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