Chemical Peels
Published on November 21, 2019 by Kiwi-Spa

Kiwi Spa San Diego offers a variety of chemical peels from superficial to high strength. Many people confuse chemical peels with ones people tried years ago where your skin would appear bright red for 10 days or more. Chemical peels have come a long way from years of research to effectively burn the skin just enough in a controlled environment where the skin can recognize the damage and repair itself, leaving you new, baby soft skin. Chemical peels benefit every skin condition you’re looking to correct such as fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, acne, dull complexion, melasma, etc. All the peels that Kiwi Spa offers are all natural and they are a selection of different strengths acids to fit your needs. Some of the lighter peels we offer are mandelic, which is derived from almonds, and our pumpkin peel, which is on sale right now to add to any service for only $29.99. We also carry stronger peels like salicylic, great for acne prone skin, along with TCA and Vitamin C, which are both amazing for aging as well as pigmentation issues. There is no need to worry about which one is best for your skin, that is what our skin experts are here for! Our esthetician’s at Kiwi Spa San Diego are full of knowledge, and are here to help you understand how to care for your skin and achieve the results you crave. Chemical peels are so beneficial to everyone and Kiwi Spa San Diego  has opportunities for you to add it onto any service! You will see great results already after first peel!

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