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kiwi spa philosophy

Our Philosophy

We at Kiwi Spa focus on each person’s individual skin care needs with 100% nutrient-rich, organic hand-crafted skincare blends, free from environmental toxins, parabens, sulfates, pesticides, and carcinogens, just as nature intended.

We create a very special atmosphere for each customer, where body, mind and spirit will reach ideal peace and harmony.

Kiwi Spa Maya The founder and esthetician


The Founder and Esthetician


Since I was a little girl back in Ukraine, I learned skincare from my grandma. All the neighbors came to her to get beauty advice and a “magic youth elixir”  which is what my grandma called all of her organic mixes.

I’ve learned since childhood that there is no better way to have glowing healthy skin than to use organic,  natural ingredients.

It has been my dream since then to help each person to have radiant healthy skin using only the best treasures of nature.

My life has taken me to 23 different countries where I have been practicing and improving my knowledge, learning more and more secrets and unique techniques of skincare.

Finally, I moved to San Diego – my favorite city ever!  I feel peace and harmony and enjoy the beauty of nature everywhere around me. I was inspired to create a very special place, a little oasis of natural facial treatments. Combining relaxing music, a calming atmosphere, and the newest skincare technologies, Kiwi Spa will deliver the best ultimate results and impeccable customer service.

Kiwi Spa Anastasia Cosmetologist/Esthetician




My passion for skincare stems from my desire to promote wellness, confidence, and most importantly, happiness! It is my goal to leave every client better than they came to me, both inside and out.


Since I was a little girl, I loved makeup and dressing up to look my best. When I discovered the world of skin care, I realized that beauty starts from the inside and makes its way out. Since then, I have dedicated myself to learning about wellness, and understanding how to best nourish and care for our bodies’ largest organ- the skin!


I believe that everything our bodies need is provided by the earth, and I love to use the most natural ingredients possible to treat and protect the skin. Organic skin care is a wonderful, natural way to restore youthfulness to the skin, and eliminates the excess ingredients found in most drugstore products.  It is my pleasure to assist you in bringing out the very best in your skin, using the best ingredients possible!


Kiwi Spa provides a place for pampering, relaxation, education, and the key to years of enjoying glamorous skin!




Growing into my younger teenage years, I began to suffer from breakouts. I started to realize that I needed to take care of my skin because washing my face with some drugstore cleanser wasn’t going to cut it.

Before you know it, friends and family were coming over, so I could provide all sorts of treatments, whether it was my friend’s acne-prone skin or my grandma’s mature skin. Seeing them all fall in love with their own skin brought me so much joy. I knew that helping others along their skin care journey was exactly what I wanted to do.

Ever since I made that decision, I have not stopped applying myself to learning and expanding my knowledge. After graduating from esthetics school and obtaining my license, I worked at different spas, but never really found the environment I envisioned until Kiwi Spa. Meeting and working with clients at Kiwi Spa is everything I ever dreamed of. I have always leaned toward natural skin care, and Kiwi Spa provides just that. Performing services with amazing products and top-tier equipment, providing impeccable results, as well as working with amazing estheticians channeling bright energy with one another is a blessing. I’m looking forward to meeting you and assisting you in all of your skin care needs. You are born to glow!

Kiwi Spa Natasha Cosmetologist/Esthetician



My passion for everything related to beauty and skincare started when I was very young. Every morning and evening I would watch my mom do her skin routine, wondering what all the liquids she would pat into her skin were. As a South Korean woman, she took her skincare routine very seriously. She never missed a day.

Later, when I was a teenager, I suffered from acne breakouts. As a woman of color, I struggled with hyperpigmentation and discoloration after the acne cleared, which led to me to completely immerse myself in the skincare world, as I wanted to find a solution for this issue. I did extensive research on everything from different products, including cleansers, serums, acids, to different skincare brands and lines, different ingredients, and anything that would help me improve the texture and appearance of my skin. I’ve read article after article and have watched probably every video on YouTube, absorbing as much information as possible.

During this process, I realized my passion was making people feel beautiful and confident in their skin. Knowing someone can be the most confident in themselves because of me brought me so much joy and instant satisfaction. Fast forward to the present day: My path led me to become an esthetician, a role in which I can do my best to apply my knowledge to make other people feel beautiful, confident, and empowered. I’ve also decided to further expand my knowledge in skin and am currently studying to become a dermatologist. I truly believe every day is a learning experience. You can learn something new every day to improve yourself, whether it be your external beauty or your beauty within.




Growing up in the south of Brazil, health, fitness, and beauty were very much a part of the culture. It makes sense that these things would become a major part of my life. At 13 years old, I got a job helping in a beauty salon, and right away I knew this was for me! I would study the estheticians and then go home and give my friends and family facials and massages. I did this all through high school. When I moved to the U.S., I worked in a couple of different industries but always found that my passion was beauty and skin care. I would give my teenage daughter and her friends facials and skincare advice, helping them battle the troublesome teenage hormonal skin. Now, as a licensed esthetician, I get to share my passion with others and do it in a way that promotes a natural and organic way to beautiful skin. I am very happy and excited to be a part of the Kiwi team and can’t wait to help you achieve beautiful and radiant skin.




Growing up, I was always interested in improving my skin and health. I struggled with back acne in my early years, and that pushed me to research natural ways to help myself without having to use medications. Further down the road, I realized that I not only love improving my own skin, but also I love helping and giving advice to everyone else. I firmly believe that being an esthetician is my calling in life. I love educating my clients about how they can help their skin at home with the most effective ingredients that nature gives us. I like to create balance in my approach and seek to come from the place where spirit and science meet. I also love the aspect of my work that is healing through the human touch. The calm and relaxing state that my facials bring people gives me joy. I thrive on making people happy, whether it be through my relaxing touch or making someone smile and laugh. I am so very happy to be a part of the Kiwi team! Being surrounded by such passionate and knowledgeable women in this field is a true blessing.




Esthetics runs in my blood. My mom and older sister are also estheticians, and I went to beauty school right after high school. Along the way, I found my passion is in holistic health and science, which led me to study Chinese medicine, massage therapy, energy healing, and yoga. I believe the best way to care for our skin and bodies is using natural solutions and remedies. In my work, I wish to be a guide for regaining balance and confidence for each individual that I touch.
As a holistic esthetician, I believe in the connection between mind, body, and soul. Everything is energy, and I have a passion for serving each client’s individual needs. Whether someone is seeking a major transformation or just wants to relax, I am here to help meet that goal.

I love being a part of the Kiwi Spa family. We believe in having integrity in all we do and focus energy on creating a positive, loving atmosphere. It’s a place to relax, rejuvenate, and glow! We teach our clients how to best care for their beautiful skin with natural, organic, vegan skincare, and state-of-the-art technologies. I look forward to serving you with the highest intentions. 💗




“If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose.”

Growing up I struggled with cystic acne and was so insecure I wouldn’t leave my house without a full face of makeup. I was put on tons of medications that inflamed my insides and completely destroyed the health of my skin. I started learning more about fitness, health, and natural holistic methods of healing and since then continued with that knowledge. Going to esthetician school straight from high school I knew I found my passion to help give that healing, knowledge, and confidence to others through skincare. I am a huge advocate for natural ingredient-based beauty products along with everything we put inside our bodies. I truly believe food is medicine & education is power. There is so much out there for us to learn & to share. My goal is to leave every single one of my clients feeling their healthiest from the inside & out. I am privileged to work here at kiwi spa, a place that stands behind every single one of my beliefs & all our amazing clients who trust me to heal their skin & energy with each visit.


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