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21 Day Challenge


Do It Yourself at home…

What is the “21 DAY CHALLENGE”?

If you are looking at yourself in the mirror and have a feeling that you want to change something about your skin – this will be the challenge for you!

It will bring new sensations, new energy & new life to your skin.

Put your skincare routine aside, and present yourself with amazing organic potent professional products that will transform your skin completely in just 21 days! Restart your skin and enjoy a beautiful and healthy glow!

What exactly do you get?

This travel kit includes:

  1. Pineapple papaya enzyme exfoliation.
  2. AHA scrub ( acts like a light peel)
  3. Butter mango mask
  4. Potent nano serum booster (custom for your skin)
  5. Super shield day moisturizer (custom for your skin)
  6. Superfood night cream (custom for your skin)
  7. Deep hydration eyes cream.
  8. Free tutorial on how to make your own toner (please click the link below)
Choose your own Esthetician who will help you to customize your “21 Day Challenge” and answer all of your questions.
Please watch this step by step video on how to use your 21 Day Challenge:
Please watch the video about the benefits of toner. DIY.
Please watch the video on DIY Skin Secrets: